How to make your artistic brand optimally appealing

Join us on Ms Teams – 9th April 2021 at 19:30 CET

This lecture will focus on the ‘personality’ of the brand one creates as an artist. The way the brand communicates on and off the internet is an important aspect of artistic success since people are more likely to seek out artistic work that ‘speaks’ to them in some way.

With every message one’s product conveys, there is an act of communication. To make that communication have a magic of its own, it needs a voice. A product may have a voice that speaks like a friend, a voice that speaks with competence, a voice that speaks with authority, and so on.

During this lecture, reference will be made to Jung’s archetypes, and will lead the audience to ask whether their brand operates within the framework of the archetype of ‘creator’ – where nothing like it has ever been seen or heard before; or within the framework of the archetype of ‘the jester’, and thereby entertains people, for instance.

In this lecture, one will explore the character that a particular artistic brand has and how one can optimize its appeal to gain further success in their artistic endeavors.

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