European Cooperation Projects - Open Call - Deadline 7th September 2021

The Creative Europe programme supports transnational cooperation projects involving organisations in the cultural and creative sectors from different countries taking part in the programme. It covers the EU and beyond.

Through this funding, Creative Europe aims to improve access to European cultural and creative works and to promote innovation and creativity.

Supporting cross-border cooperation, funding is available for 3 types of projects:

Small scale cooperation projects (minimum 3 partners from 3 different eligible countries).

Medium scale cooperation projects (minimum 5 partners from 5 different eligible countries).

Large scale cooperation projects (minimum 10 partners from 10 different eligible countries) Projects can cover one or more cultural and creative sectors and can be interdisciplinary.

The maximum duration for all projects is 48 months.

Organisations active in the cultural and creative sectors can apply. Individuals cannot apply.

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