A Magical Evening

During sunset of September 10th, Creative Europe Desk Malta organised a reading event for the book ‘Kissirtu Kullimkien’, written by the author Lara Calleja – winner of the 2021 European Literary Prize.

The reading took place in Ħaġar Qim where artists, authors and activists Paul Portelli, Simone Spiteri, Amanda Cossai and Wayne Flask were invited to read excerpts from the book. Each reader was allocated a specific place within the temple, where they all read their part. The attendees were divided into four different groups of people, where they listened to the 4 readers one by one as they circled around the readers.

Each excerpt was chosen attentively so as to address the main themes of the book; namely the sense of loss and nostalgia due to the excessive building that is taking hold our country, the issue of immigration and how they also fell victim to the same industry, the theme of homosexuality and finally, the closing tone of the book that seeks hope for a better future.

Such an activity was quite unique, in the sense that it took place inside the temples, and how it created an innovative platform for the readings to happen; where people moved from one place to another to listen to the four readers.

Attendance for this activity reached full capacity and people who attended represented groups from of all ages. The evening ended with some wine and book signing by author Lara Calleja.

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