Each year a number of calls are issued under the media, culture and cross sectoral strand. All calls are issue on the portal Below one can find the list of calls divided according to the relevant strands.
Culture Strand

Circulation of European Literary Works  Call Document

Culture Moves Europe  Call Document

Culture Moves Europe- Second Call for Residency Hosts Call document

European Cooperation Projects Call document

European Networks of Cultural and Creative Organisations Call document

European Platforms for the Promotion of Emerging Artists Pan Call document

Media Strand

TV and online content media Call document

Innovative Tools and Business Model Call document

Video Games and Immersive Content Development Call document

Markets & Networking Call document

European slate development media Call document

European VOD Networks and Operators Call document

Films on the move Call document

Networks of European Festivals Call document

Cross Sectoral 

Journalism Partnerships- Collaborations Call document

Journalism Partnerships- Pluralism Call document

Media Literacy Call document

Creative Innovation lab Call document

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